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            Group Family Day Care

About Glorious Group Daycare llc

Glorious Group  Daycare llc is a home daycare in the Bronx that was founded by Jennifer Konadu. The company’s professional child care programs are always the best solution to the struggles we all face balancing raising our children and our careers. Emmanuel God is Us is the place for your children if you really want to make sure that your children are happy and in good hands while you are busy at your business appointments and commitments

Is a great educational environment for children of all ages, from 6weeks to 12years old. Unlike many day care centers, we offer a curriculum that is essential for success in school. At Glorious Group Family Day Care llc, we make sure your child reaches his/ her full potential by offering an education which is equal to private school curriculum.



Here your child will receive subjects in Math, Social Studies, English, Science, Literacy and Arts. WE do hands on experiments, observation and problem solving, for your child.


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