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            Group Family Day Care


Overnight Family Care Services

Glorious Group  Day Care also offers overnight care when you need it. We conduct this child care service on an appointment basis so you have to anticipate those days where you will be required to attend in urgent meetings and business transactions during evening hours before your sign up. 

​Our overnight Care routine is:​

Free Play: With choice of blocks, housekeeping corner, puzzles, books, games, etc


Art Time

Reading/Story Time: Short stories with color pictures and explanations

Bed Time: Children sleep on individual cots​




Weekend Daycare Provider

Are you worrying about the safety of your child this coming weekend because you are required to attend a scheduled meeting or a business transaction? Don’t worry! We are here to assist you in providing the best level of care to your child even if you always need to stay in far places every weekend for some important matters. Our weekend care service for kids of all ages is something that will provide maximum satisfaction to those parents who really want to make sure that their kids will be entrusted in good hands as they start to work with their additional tasks and projects that are meant to be completed in the soonest possible time. This child care service includes an enriching environment where children will be encouraged to participate in cooking lessons that our caregivers will conduct. Your child will never be hungry in our facility every Saturday and Sunday since our weekend care service offers nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and snack. Every Saturday, this child care service will be able at 6am to 6pm. If you are interested to entrust your child to us every Sunday, please feel free to contact us immediately for a special arrangement.

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