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            Group Family Day Care

Infant Child Care Provider

Here at Glorious Group Day Care, you will always be given a chance to write something for your infant just in case you need to leave him/her for while to make sure that your business appointments and special tasks will be accomplished perfectly. Writing something for your infant is something that can make you feel happy and really excited when you’re already prepared to go home. Besides, it will always inspire your child to behave while enjoying the different kinds of curriculum, activities and other day care services that we can offer. Feel free to use this digital platform that we’ve created just in case you if you’re interested to send a special message or reminder for your infant while we’re rendering our competitive day care services. We are here to provide your infant with a nurturing environment every day. Glorious Group Day Care is a place where your 3 or 6 month infant will be able to grow healthier and happier as the times goes by. It has been constructed to provide the best level of care for children of all ages.




Pre-School Day Care Services

Glorious Group Day Care is a place where you can enter your preschooler during day hours especially if you really need to focus on an important matter or project. We will make sure that your child will be able to receive the best preschool education once you’ve decided to trust the quality of day care service for preschool students that we can provide. Our child care services for preschoolers were designed to expose children into several kinds of activities that will really encourage them to accomplish their schools works and to be more to be more enthusiasts at all times while waiting for their parents. Our child care services will be conducted by highly competitive caregivers who are aware of the advanced steps on how to encourage a child to prioritize first his/her schools works before playing. You may contact us at (646) 209-2591 if you really want to discover more things and important information about the different kinds of day care services for preschoolers that we can offer in the industry





After School Family Daycare

We also offer after school care to all children. This is something that will never disappoint those parents who really want to find peace of mind while working on their offices and workstations even if their schedules are not similar to the regular class schedules of their children. Do you want to make sure that your child will be safe and protected from several kinds of dangerous situations after a whole day classroom session? Well, you should be very happy right now since you’ve already found the best provider of after school day care service in the city. Here at Glorious Group  Day Care, we have a team of experience caregivers who can pick up your child at school just in case your business transaction or important project is not yet completely. We understand that there are times that you won’t be able to pick up your child at school because of an important matter. That’s why we are here to support you. Our after school day care service is something that will help your child to be more active and responsible in completing a set of home works and assignments after school hours. In this child care service, your child will also be given a chance to taste the different kinds of nutritious foods that our highly competitive nutritionists can prepare while waiting for you.






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