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            Group Family Day Care


Extended Kids Daycare Hours

If you have an emergency meeting or urgent business transaction that you need to accomplish as soon as possible and yet you don’t know where to entrust your children while you’re busy, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at Glorious Group Day Care. We offer extended hours for our child care services just in case you won’t be able to pick up your child earlier because of an emergency. We can extend our child care services from 6pm to 8 pm or 6am to 8 am when needed. This is something that will always be the best solution to your child care needs if you don’t have a fixed schedule in your job or business establishment. Our extended hours for child care services were designed to provide you with an extra travel time for your travel session just in case you won’t be able to pick up your child on the right time every day because of unexpected situations and emergency meetings.




We also offer special information on scholarship programs for your child’s future. When your child attends Glorious Group Day Care, many opportunities can be opened. As the parent you want your child to be successful as he/she can be, we are here to help in this journey. Our day care provides you with lots of information such as Dates, Time, and places on scholarship for independent private school. Many of our rising stars have been to prep-for prep. For a better chance, summer on a hill and many more.




Extra Curricular Child Care Programs

Glorious Group Day Care is a place where your child will always be very happy and relaxed while waiting for you. It is a place where children will always be given a chance to meet new friends who can join them in their favorite activities. Our home day care comes with a nurturing and relaxing environment where children will never be afraid to discover new things and to engage in several kinds of amazing learning activities while waiting for their parents.

·                                 Music – We conduct music lessons for 3 to 12 years old children who want to become music artists in the future. Our home day care comes with a set of high quality music instruments and expert music teachers who can teach children on how to sing or to play a specific type of musical instrument.

·                                 Cooking – Have a Junior Chef in the making? Let them participate in our own cooking class honing their culinary skills and nourishing their bodies and minds! Your child will benefit from our Cooking class that features a unique hands-on experience, teaches students how to make healthy food choices and much more

Our Cooking class runs every Wednesday and Thursday, while teaching students the skills they need to feel comfortable in any kitchen.

·                                 Art – Welcome to your child’s favorite part of the week. Glorious Group Day Care Art for Ages 2 – 5. We offer nurturing and creatively FUN Children’s Art Classes in our child care service. Geared towards kids all artistic levels, our Art Classes combine artistic technique with authentic self-expression. We provide an entertaining, educational children’s artistic experience that inspire the artist within!

It is scientifically proven that in addition to your child having an enormous amount of fun through our art class, all children in our program are guaranteed to benefit from what every parent wants for their child the most.





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